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CHEM-PROOF RAPID FC MVB 3-gallon KIT (clear)

Chem Proof Rapid FC is a Fast Cure  with a 25lb Moisture Vapor Barrier Epoxy

  • Best Base Coat Epoxy system for low temperatures and damp concrete

2- component fast drying concrete floor coating with excellent bonding charateristics.

Color chips, colored quartz, silica sand can be broadcast into CHEM-PROOF FC to create a custom look. Chem-Proof FC can also be applied direct to prepped concrete. It’s design features provide for the highest industrial and commercial demands

  • A/B Kit, 2:1 Mix Ratio
  • 10 to 15 minutes working time
  • 2 hour dry time @ 72°F

All statements, recommendations and technical information passed on with this product are accurate to the best of knowledge of CHEMTEC. The data relates only to the specific material designated herein. It may not be valid if used in combination with any other materials. It is the user’s responsibility to verify suitability of this information for their own particular use, and test this product before use.


*Consult Safety Data Sheet for further information