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E2U Crazy Bond Primer is the revolutionary Primer and complete floor prep system in one.  It bonds to virtually any surface including; epoxy, paint, asphalt, linoleum wood, metal, VCT,
sealed concrete, ceramic tile, masonry, and bituminous roofing.

E2U Crazy Bond Primer cuts prep time, seals in slab laitance, and reduces mess and demolition hazards. It is also against hydraulic fluid, grease, and other hydrocarbon contaminants within the concrete slab. E2U Crazy Bond Primer is non-toxic and environmentally friendly

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Reduces surface prep, expense, and project completion time
• Eliminates the need to water prime, acid etch, and neutralize
• High resistance to chemical, impact, and abrasion
• Superior adhesion to various substrates
• Non-Toxic and environmentally friendly
• Does not support the growth of fungus or bacteria
• Resistant to hydraulic fluid, grease, and other hydrocarbon contaminates
• Specified for use with decorative cement and epoxies
• Wide temperature in-service range
• Comes ready to use in 1gal kit or 2gal kit


Areas where prep or grinding is not allowed
• Food manufacturing & processing facilities
• Chemical processing plant
• Pharmaceutical plants
• Commercial kitchens

• Food manufacturing & processing
• Bottling sanitizing & wash areas
• Cold rooms & freezers
• Automobile repair shop