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Metallic Epoxy (Clear) Kit


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E2U Metallic Epoxy has 45-60 minutes of working time when applied under standard conditions and it also has excellent flow-ability and self-leveling properties.

In combination with E2U Metallic Pigment will allow you to easily add reflective metallic color to your clear Metallic Epoxy to create gorgeous metallic epoxy finishes.

Its epoxy chemistry provides excellent bonding characteristics and is typically applied at a 20 mil thick single coat (50-60 sqft./gal).


This Metallic Epoxy is a high-performance modified cycloaliphatic epoxy concrete floor coating system. Its epoxy chemistry provides excellent bonding characteristics. Typically applied at a 20-22 mil think single coat (50 – 60 SF/gal). This dynamic blend does not require an activator to be sprayed on the surface to obtain a unique and highly decorative look. It was 45 – 60 minutes working time and it has excellent flowability and self-leveling characteristics.


Essentially odorless

• Creates the dynamic, exotic look

• Longer working time


• High gloss, & color stability

• Low Viscosity

• Chemically resistant

• No amine blush

• Modified to be highly UV resistant


E2U Metallic Epoxy is a uniquely formulated epoxy specifically designed for a metallic pigmented application. Typical areas of application: Showrooms, Garages, Hotel Entryways, Private Hangers, Office Centers, Homes, Restaurants, Retail/Commercial Venues. It’s unique characteristics vastly set it apart from other 100% solids epoxies.