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Decorative Flake Flooring, know the basics

Is Decorative Flake flooring what you need?

If you are considering a Flooring upgrade, Decorative Flake Flooring can be oh so sweet, and here’s why. Usually, an old concrete warehouse and the high-traffic areas, such as garages and storage areas, are full of dust, grime, and bacteria? Not only is it unkempt, but the floors might get messy, and their overall look will be somewhat grungy. Decorative Flake Flooring is a way to change all of that.

If you want to give an upgrade to your residential and commercial spaces, turn your attention to the flake coatings. This decoration or coating for floors offers a great mixture between durability and an eye-pleasing look.

However, if you want to learn more about decorative flake flooring, luckily in this blog post, you will find everything about the benefits of these floorings, applications, cleaning process, as well as the main advantages of applying them.

What is Decorative Flake Flooring?

You may have seen this decorative flooring in many residential and commercial spaces but never knew much about its perks. Well, decorative flakes have become one of the most popular yet inexpensive ways to rejuvenate and decorate your floors.

Also known as Color Flake, or Decorative Flake, Vinyl Color Chips, Color Chips, or simply Fleck, this decoration is particularly popular polymer paint aggregate. With a nice aesthetic, this decoration improves the overall appearance of resinous flooring systems.

Composition of Decorative Flake Flooring

Decorative Flake Flooring is a combination of vinyl resins with acrylic. The final flake effect comes from resin materials, with additives, different types and colors of pigments, and other organic minerals.

Most of the time, the thickness of these assorted flakes is around 4-5 mils. There is no exact shape for each chip or any standard size, but we can talk about customization. As such, manufacturers can produce a general standardized range.

Furthermore, different appearances and textures are available to choose from, so the decorative flake flooring will suit the space or any interior design.

Decorative Flake is Aesthetically Pleasing and Durable

One of the main benefits of flake flooring is the advantage of its visual appeal. Even so, more than its appearance and particularity, flake flooring is also a durable coating, even for the highest-traffic areas.

Speaking of that, this is the perfect type of flooring decoration for garages, warehouses, driveways, and many more. The range of colors, chip sizes, and multiple textures can suit any aesthetics of your indoor rooms or outdoors.

Decorative Flake can Upgrade the Value of any New Home or Business.

One of the secrets to adding more value to your home is by renewing the flooring coverage. This is such a simple yet effective update to add value to homes and commercial spaces.

Moreover, the flake is very long-lasting over time and will protect the flooring from dirt, grime, salt, and hot tires. Its durability will last longer than other decorative surfaces.

Decorative Flake is an Affordable Option to Bring Old Floors Back to Life.

After a while, flooring surfaces can look worn, dirty, out of fashion, and shabby. Flake flooring will boost the durability and look of the concrete surfaces and bring back the room’s life.

The best part? Decorative flake is a very affordable option to make the floorings stain-free, chemical, and scratch-resistant.

The application is fast and straightforward, and the results will last longer.

Decorative Flake Flooring can be Used Indoors or Outdoors

There is no secret that many designers choose epoxy flooring as a growing solution not only for garages but for many other spaces.

Whether we are talking about indoor areas, such as hallways, storage spaces, or outdoor applications, decorative flake flooring will last and look perfect. So, to answer one of the most frequent questions, yes, flake flooring is suited to indoors and outdoors.

Almost any surface, such as driveways, pools, decks, patios, or outdoor garages, can benefit from this excellent surface material. Flake flooring will revitalize and protect all the old surfaces.

Furthermore, due to the nonstick feature, it will provide safety in all the wet areas too.

Decorative Flakes are Easy to Match With Any Color Scheme

The original chips are meant to suit lots of decorative styles. Moreover, these details come in plenty of shades, various colors. However, similar to snowflakes, the chips do not have the same shape, plus their texture and size are different.

You might notice a resemblance with the thin flake and that the colors will not change as soon as they get wet.

Standard Flake Size

When you are planning color scheme and overall design in detail, every size matters, right? Speaking of flakes, their size can change much of your floors’ profile, contrast, style, and cleaning methods. Let’s talk about the dimensions of chips, as well as their characteristics.

● 1/32” Chips- The Smallest Sized Flakes

Chip Appearance:
  • The smallest size of chips is ideal for recreating that faux quartz look (this is ideal for those who want to obtain a more textured appearance).
  • The appearance of 1/32” chips resembles sand, and it is described as such, “sand-like.”
  • Due to the smallest size of the flakes, the contrast is very little.
  • This site needs a thin topcoat, which creates, in the end, a rougher profile, compared with other flakes dimensions.
Chip Coverage:
  • The smallest sized flakes are ideal for tiny spaces or for decorating vertical surfaces.
  • After the transparent layer is applied, the final look is kind of streaky.
  • Due to the tiny size of chips, the coating cannot hide all the dirt and debris that will set on top, so with that size flake the cleaning effort will be higher
  • We would not recommend this size for high-traffic areas.

● 1/16” Chips

Chip Appearance:
  • The size of these flakes creates a consistent surface look.
  • The “sand-like” view is also available here, but only if viewed out over the floor.
  • Better than the smallest size mentioned above, the 1/16” chips create a bit of contrast
  • After applying the topcoat, these chips will create a rougher profile than the smallest flakes.
Chip Coverage:
  • The 1/16” Chips are perfect for smaller rooms, for instance, those spaces with less than 200 square feet.
  • Apply these flake flooring where you need to permanently see what it is on the floor surface, such as commercial kitchens, bakeries, or environments where cleanliness matters.
  • Once the final layer is applied, the surface will have a wavy look to it.
  • The second size of the flakes can highlight any dips or higher points of the floor.
  • Be aware that the size of the chips cannot hide all the debris and dirt. So, this type of flooring will need much more maintenance and cleaning.
  • This flake flooring size is not suitable for high traffic areas or residential spaces.

● 1/8” Chips

Chip Appearance:
  • This size of flakes can create the perfect variation and balance.
  • The ⅛” chips are working best when using a polymer cover.
  • Once applying a single topcoat, the final effect will be like a golf ball surface.
Chip Coverage:
  • The ⅛” chips are perfect for smaller garages and rooms.
  • You can utilize this flake flooring on sunrooms, patios, and porches.
  • Do not apply this flake flooring for large residential garages.

● 1/4” Chips

Chip Appearance:
  • Provide that epoxy terrazzo look
  • Most Trendy size
  • Creates the perfect contrast of colors
  • The final result is smoother compared to smaller sizes.
Chip Coverage:
  • This size of chips is the most popular one for residential garages.
  • These flakes are perfect for hiding any changes of level on the floor.
  • Perfect for hiding any dirt and debris on the floor as compared to smaller chip sizes.
  • Hides film build-up and any scuffs.

● 1/2” Chips

Chip Appearance:
  • The high amount of flakes creates a sophisticated contrast that offers an edgy look.
  • After the final topcoat, the finish is much more smooth than smaller sized flake.
Chip Coverage:
  • This is the perfect chip size for adding a more retro vibe to your spaces.
  • This floor coverage seems like stone terrazzo.
  • Works best in large rooms, with more than 800 square feet
  • The best way to hide all the large debris

● 1” Chips

Chip Appearance:
  • Great contrast, looking old school, and great for adding a retro vibe to your indoors
  • The final profile is smooth, with just only one layer topcoat needed.
Chip Coverage:
  • Easier to get flake coverage applying this larger 1” chip decorative flake flooring.

Decorative Chip Colors

Unlike many other flooring options, the flakes come in multiple colors, sizes, and styles. Of course, you can customize them all so they will suit any decor.

It’s all about perspectives and preferences, so let your creativity run wild and custom your flake floor as lovely as you want. You can even incorporate shade schemes from the surrounding decor and unite them all in a uniform design.

To obtain a dramatic effect, you can either choose different colors or create a contrast with different shades.

Features and Benefits of Decorative Flake Flooring

Still not sure about applying decorative flake floorings? Here are the main advantages of this flooring system.

●       Durability

These resinous flooring systems provide much superior resistance in terms of chemical and abrasion.

●       Low Maintenance

For maintaining the decorative flake flooring, you need little effort. Resinous flooring systems do not have a wax coat, which means you can only keep their original beauty with soap and water.

Furthermore, due to the waterproof nature, grime, and dirt are little visible. You can either clean the surface using a simple solution or remove dirt at high temperatures.

●       Stain Resistant

Decorative Flake Flooring provides a unique beauty that will not collect or soak up any dirt, moisture, even germs.

●       Anti-Bacterial

The surface texture of decorative flake flooring is like orange-peel, which increases the slip-resistance and safety. Moreover, neither grime, nor bacteria, or moisture will penetrate the surface.

●       Highly Decorative

One of the best ways to decorate and rejuvenate indoor and outdoor areas is by adding a colorful flake option. You can even apply the “Mother of Pearl” glitter for the second coat, which can add even more elegance.

●       Scratch-free and Resistant to UV light

If you want to apply the decorative flake flooring to outdoor areas or where there is a lot of UV light, do it. This flooring decoration can be resistant even to powerful light and warmth.

●       Low Sound

Decorative Flake Flooring provides a seamless, still flexible surface. Due to the smooth surface, it will cut down on the noise of foot traffic.

●       Renewable Surface

After some time, the floors tend to lose their brilliance and become all faded. Luckily, after years of use, you can revitalize the look of decorative flake flooring by simply reapplying a new topcoat.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for durable, versatile, easy-caring, and scratch-free flooring, consider the decorative flake coverage to be right up your alley.