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10 Reasons to Use MVB Epoxy Flooring for Homes

10 Reasons to Use MVB Epoxy Flooring for Homes

Still not sure if Epoxy is the right floor coating for your home? Then take a look at these 10 reasons why MVB Epoxy Floor coating is a great choice:

1. Deeper Adhesion than non-MVB products

epoxy flooring for homes 2

The MVB Epoxy is a clear 2-component, low odor, 100% solid, and low viscosity material, which is formulated to be a moisture barrier coating and treat the concrete floors with high pH and high moisture.

The MVB Epoxy has great adhesion, due to the low viscosity formula. It will not only support deeper concrete diffusion but also have better substrate adhesion. Moreover, like no other type of Epoxy, the MVB product generates a higher propensity for blocking and sealing any moisture drive.

epoxy flooring for homes

2. MVB Epoxy is often used as a waterproof layer

How to prevent basement floor epoxy failure

MVB Epoxy is a water-resistant substance that will keep the floor from any distortion due to spills or flooding. It is safe to assume that some floor coatings can be more slippery than others. This happens when the water is not absorbed into the floor. As long as the water gets accumulated on top due to its imperviousness, the increased grip for epoxy floors may be added if needing to add a slip-resistant aggregate.

epoxy flooring for homes

3. MVB Epoxy can prevent mold

epoxy flooring for homes 3

The Epoxy Moisture Barrier is made to reduce all the moisture emission rates to a more acceptable level as soon as the flooring is being installed. This step will combat flooring failures, such as any microbiological activity including mildew and mold.

epoxy flooring for homes

4. MVB Epoxy helps resist musty smells

basement epoxy floor

Without a proper moisture barrier, such as Epoxy, concrete block walls and floors will absorb moisture. During this time, this leads to musty smells of humidity. An Epoxy coating will seal everything and remove any unpleasant odors.

epoxy flooring for homes

5. MVB Epoxy Durability outlasts other floorings

epoxy flooring for homes 5

Once applied perfectly, Epoxy won’t need to be redone in order to extend its life. This coating will stand longer than carpet, wood flooring, or tile. The reason for that is its resistance to water, shock, and stains. As such, Epoxy is very durable and has protective qualities.

If you are studying to find out a flooring type that you won’t need to change in a few years, then you should definitely go with epoxy. Especially if you are looking for basements or garage solutions.

epoxy flooring for homes

6. MVB Epoxy Extends and protects the life of the floor

epoxy flooring for homes 6

Epoxy acts as a sealant and protects concrete and other types of flooring. This shield goes over the underlying surface, while the coating, which can be compared to a membrane, connects directly to the top of the flooring. This will protect the concrete from cracking, wearing down, even crumbling. Furthermore, the Epoxy surface will not grasp spots and will avoid cracks from appearing in the concrete.

epoxy flooring for homes

7. MVB Epoxy has Easy maintenance, cleaned with water and soap

epoxy flooring for homes

The Epoxy floor needs no special chemicals or solutions to be cleaned, but only water and soap. Make sure the water is nice and warm and the soap does not leave stains.

epoxy flooring for homes

8. MVB Epoxy Offers protection against chemicals, oils, and excessive heat

epoxy flooring for homes 4

Once dried, MVB epoxy will resist certain levels of heat. The usual heat limit of basement floor epoxy is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but there is higher grade epoxy that can endure even higher levels of heat.

Chemicals from your car or simply accumulate from housework cannot alter epoxy. If you deposit oily substances or chemical substances in the basement, and they end up on your flooring, don’t worry. You can clean them without damaging the floor coating, due to the density of this layering. It will keep chemicals from seeping and leaving unaesthetic residues. 

epoxy flooring for homes

9. MVB Epoxy Aesthetically enhances floor appearance

epoxy flooring for homes 9

Another important advantage to consider when choosing epoxy flooring is its simple upkeep. Once covering the concrete, there will be a consistent reduction of cement and dust particles released onto other surfaces in your basement. More than an effective and sanitary coating, Epoxy has a really nice aspect and will enhance the look of the room it is applied in.

epoxy flooring for homes

10. New MVB Epoxy low VOC components now available

epoxy flooring for homes 10

VOC or Volatile Organic Chemical is a type of solvent that gets released into the air once epoxy cures. Some Epoxy will include inferior fillers or diluents. As you can imagine, this will make the product to be inferior in quality and still can cause VOC’s to go into the air and water.

It does not happen to the MVB Epoxy coating, as it has little to no VOCs.

epoxy flooring for homes

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