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6 Most Common Epoxy Issues

and Why You Get Them

How to reduce basement floor epoxy failures

I’m going to list some of the most agonizing epoxy issues that installers most commonly run into, and what causes them.

Epoxy can be very touchy, details matter. To get that perfect epoxy outcome you will have to take note to temperature, keep close track of timing and the measurements need to be spot on.  

When it’s done right you’ll have a gorgeous, amazing, longlasting finish. When it’s done wrong, it can be your worst nightmare. 

Hopfully this list of common Epoxy issues will help you avoid them. 

1) PROBLEM: Epoxy Adhesion

Cause: Poor floor preparation. All exixting oils, sealers and other contaminants need to be removed and a grinder needs to be used to completely open the pores on the surface so that Epoxy has something to cling onto.

2) PROBLEM: Moisture in Concrete

Cause: You didn’t conduct a moisture test. Depending on the level of moisture, you could easily get around this by applying a MVB product.

3) PROBLEM: Cracks

Cause: Use proper crack fill methods and polymers as part of floor prep to prepare for epoxy coating

4) PROBLEM: Uneven Product Coloration or Thickness

Cause: Under or over estimating Epoxy coverage. Always measure and mark the floor to recommended manufacture coverage rates.

5) PROBLEM: Epoxy Not Curing

Cause: There can be multiple reasons for this time/speed of mix, part A/B ratio, contaminents, temperature/humidity.

6) PROBLEM: Epoxy Ambering

Cause: Epoxy will amber under UV lighting/Natural lighting.  Another option for more UV stability is to use Epoxy as the base coat, cover with 100% flake then top coat with Polyaspartic.


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ceo MOY FloorFX

Ronald Wesley


Hello I’m Ron, CEO of MOY FloorFx, South Central Pennsylvania’s Epoxy Distribution and Training School. I’m here to support you by getting you the right product and instruction for your floor coating business.



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